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Providing a secure and suitable environment fit for its use is the primary purpose of any building.

The failure or success of a building invariably depends on the effectiveness of its building services' support systems. Depending on the complexity of the building and its use, the mechanical, electrical and public health installations which comprise these support systems will include many or all of the following:

  • Specialist refrigeration, steam, compressed air, process cooling, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, automatic controls, and building energy management systems.
  • Lighting, small power, CHP, standby power generation, uninterruptible power supplies, automatic fire detection, access control, intruder alarm, and closed circuit security camera installations.
  • Hot and cold water services, and sanitation installations.
  • Lift, conveyor, and/or transportation installations.
  • Data and telecom installations.

Given the range and multiplicity of these systems, it is clear that they have a major effect on the use of any building. The four crucial factors which determine the ability of a building services support system to fulfil its function are as follows:

  • Project Management and Cost Control
  • The Design
  • The Installation
  • Operation and Maintenance

As project managers, building services and environmental engineering and cost consultants our aim is to place equal emphasis on all four factors when advising our clients on any of the mechanical, electrical, public health and sanitation systems which can make up a building services installation.

Using experienced individuals with high calibre management and technical expertise matched to the task at hand, enables us to assist our clients in achieving their objectives to optimum cost, quality and time standards.